We Generate Leads for your Inventory to help your Sales Grow

February 6, 2019/Steve Tackett
We Generate Leads for your Inventory to help your Sales Grow

In this modern internet-oriented world, one of the most difficult task for dealerships that want to generate traffic for their inventory is to generate leads that are really interested in buying what they offer. In this article, I am going to inform you how findcarsnearme.com helps you generate the best leads for your inventory that are bound to help and grow your sales by magnitudes.

findcarsnearme.com was started to help dealerships as well as customers to get themselves the best match for their desired customers and certified used cars respectively. We at findcarsnearme.com have a philosophy that our partners (our dealers and customers) are our top priority and we’ll never make a profit out of their loss and all the potential customers are checked.

How does the generation of leads take place for your inventory?

The generation of leads happens in various steps and I am going to explain you through the steps:-

  1.  The first step is contacting your inventory provider, who will send us a feed file with all your existing inventory. This information will be uploaded and updated in our system on a daily basis.
  2. Then with the help of our various partners, will drive traffic through different sources to our website in search of the leads who might be interested in the inventory updated by you
  3.  We always ensure that the listing is advertised to the farthest sources of interest possible so that you get even the most remote of chances to get your cars sold through us.
  4.  For those potential clients who know our website and search for their desired cars on it, we have a search option if they want to buy a specific car and we even have advanced search options with various filters that narrow down the search result for the user who is searching.
  5.  If the user is interested in the features that your car offers, your listing will be displayed on the webpage as an option for the user and the user will get your contact and address if he clicks on the car.
  6.  This gives the user direct access to you and you can deal with him and what he wants without any interference from our site.

Another feature that helps dealers associated with us in enhancing their lead generation is a geographically oriented feature where the potential buyer can choose the region where he wants the dealership to be present. So if a potential buyer chooses the region where your dealership is also located, we’ll display all the details about your dealership and this way we generate the extra leads for you.

It should be kept in mind that we have a dedicated team of developers and lead generators that handle our website and they work their best to ensure that both our customers and our dealership partners find the best match for themselves. We are strictly a listings site and we’ll never ever interfere in the matters of a client and our dealership because that is what our ethical policy is.

In the end, we hope that all those who are reading this will be interested in getting associated with us to give themselves as well as their potential customers a better chance in having the best experience of online car sales.