Most Effective Ways for 1st hand Lead Generation

Most Effective Ways for 1st hand Lead Generation

Professional Websites, as well as companies alike, have been slow in adopting the lead generation techniques that enable them to enhance their presence on the internet platform. It doesn’t come as a surprise to us that some commonly used strategies like contests, forms, and sweepstakes don’t really make a difference because everyone is doing and you need to execute them perfectly to be successful in the same. While everyone is focusing on fancier techniques of lead generation, we stick to what’s the best and most effective. Introducing a list of the best and the most effective lead generation strategies you’ll come across.

While online marketing space will continue to evolve every day, there are some proven lead generation techniques which are used effectively for professional companies. These are listed below.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Perhaps the most important point on this list, Search Engine Optimization is the best technique to employ in this modern Internet age. Whenever a remote computer literate professional wants to solve a problem they always open Search Engines as the first step to know about the problem and this can be well effectively used to your advantage.

Getting your website optimized according to the various Search Engines enhances your presence on the internet and gives your website a chance of getting clicked on when the same professional is looking for solutions.

Search Engine Optimization is the technique to make your website more visible to the search engine and in our opinion, this is the most effective technique on the list if done right.

2. Pay Per Click Advertisement

A solid and proven way to get to the top page of a search engine is to buy your way to the top. This technique gives you greater control over the keyword you want to get associated to, as the name itself suggests, you only pay for the number of clicks that happen on your website coming from a particular search engine or an advertisement. It may seem expensive, but effectively PPC is much more effective and cheaper than some other ways of advertising such as printing.

In this method, you pay for the work that is done and you have the full control over your PPC campaigns plus you get timely reports of how your campaign is working, this way you are able to track your progress and determine whether a particular technique is working or not.

3. Social Media and Internet Networking

social media

This one is another misunderstood way of lead generation, people think that getting to particular platforms is important, while what really matters is your content. I am not saying that you don’t need to effectively choose which social media platform to be on, I am just saying that while content may vary for every social media platform you have a presence on, it won’t really make any effects unless the quality of your content is up to the mark.

Online Networking has the potential to produce reputations and referrals often associated with traditional business marketing, it is just about the time and attention you invest in the same that matters the most.

4. Lead Generating Website

It is really important for you to have a lead generating website of your own if you want to generate leads for your company, that comes almost unsaid in today’s environment. The problem is while most companies do have a website of their own, most of them are rather more anti-lead generating than lead generating. Most people focus more on making their website “interesting” and “catchy” for the users while completely forgetting the real purpose of the same.

It is only just common sense that if the visitor is not conveyed what he/she is looking, they’ll look to somewhere else.

To make an effective lead generation website you need to ensure that your website conveys what the visitor is looking to get conveyed.

Lead Generating through the website has great potential and it is always upon ourselves in how we conduct and go about it.

5. E-Newsletters

Keeping the ways to engage new Leads aside for a moment, you need to keep the already existing leads engaged and interested in your company as well. A high quality and catchy E-newsletter is one of the proven and most effective methods to do the same. If a potential lead gets your quality newsletter in his inbox, he is bound to open it and visit your website, which is really what the purpose of a newsletter is.

6. Webinars

Essentially an online seminar, webinars are mostly provided for free because mostly their purpose is to collect basic leads information like Name, email and contact of the potential lead. Like its offline cousin, webinars should be informational and not just a cheap advertisement pitch. It is only when the attendees are happy with your level of knowledge and presentation are they going to remember you when they come across a requirement for a service within the domain of your company.

It is really important to make a webinar such that the attendees are able to learn something and take something from it because this way they’ll be remembering you for some time.

7. E-books and White Papers


One of the most important technique on the list for those interested in generating qualified leads, E-books and White papers ensure that the lead that is being generated is genuinely interested plus they show the credibility of your company by getting readers to know how much you know about your industry.

While white papers are generally offered for free on websites, usually behind a registration screen, E-books are generally distributed through the third party. Both of these also work in PPC campaigns and if utilized well, they can indeed produce good and quality leads for you.

8. Marketing Videos

Videos are everywhere today. They are essentially an ideal marketing medium for professional services firms to show their credibility and value. Nothing builds more credibility like a flagship client explaining how your firm solved some of their problems. It’s almost like automating the referral process. Videos can be used to present your company, explain complex services that you offer as well as introduce your team. In each of these roles, video can play an important lead generating and lead nurturing function.

9. Blogging

Blogging is another popular yet underutilized method of lead generation. Blogging doesn’t always generate 1st hand leads, but blogs are effectively the best things to drive traffic to your website, specially qualified and interested leads. Just because blogs enable you to produce keyword laden content that can be visible on search engines, blogs can do a lot to direct interested leads to your site.

These were some of the most important, effective as well as easily executable Lead Generation techniques which are really effective for first-hand lead generation. If you use these techniques effectively, you are sure to get positive leads out of it.

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