All About Tesla Model S Interior

All About Tesla Model S Interior

What it’s like to be the interior of World’s Second Highest Selling All-electric Luxury Sedan? Why not let’s just ask the Sedan itself…

A mesmerizing story is waiting ahead of you all
Buckle up my friends, this journey is wide & tall.

Tesla Model S Interior Specification

My body is divine & precious
I’m actually incredibly spacious

Tesla Model S interior
Tesla Model S interior
  • Model S’ body built via Digital Wind Tunnel Technology to keep the air resistance low and so to supply better aerodynamic performance. As the forward portion of the car has extended to a great extent, thus the interior feels comfortable and voluminous.

I’ve two cargo-rooms one in the front, another at the back
My cockpit is gigantic because the engine is in my neck

  • There are two cargo rooms in this EV—both front and rear parts can be used to store the load. Also, its cabin is broad—’cause the engine fits in the bonnet.

I can ride five fellows at once
My glory has given me admirers in tons

  • Seating capacity of Tesla Model S is up to five people. By setting big goals and coming up with cars like Model S, Tesla has garnered a lot of popularity since its arrival globally.

Centrally furnished with a 17-inch display
With me, sometimes you drive, sometimes play

  • It has a 17-inch display in the center and a digital screen behind the steering wheel. Also, this advanced automobile offers a variety of entertainment.

I allow you to look up at the heaven, wearing a classy glass-roof cap
Believe me, most of my functioning can be controlled over a tap

  • The class of this luxury sedan can be counted by its glossy glass-roof. Every function is just a tap away.

Experience the definition of peace in my ultra-quiet cabin
HEPA filter let untarnished air welcomes you as you breathe in

  • It makes you experience a no-noise zone—also equipped with HEPA filter that cleans the polluted air inside the car.

Bet you won’t find new cars around

I sound the best; let my music makes you surround

  • Its audio system consists of 11 speakers–delivers a surround sound.

Showered with cutting-edge features, powered by advanced auto-pilot
I’m Tesla Model S & I’m no shrinking violet

Tesla Model S Price & Range

Variants Standard Range Long Range Performance
Range (EPA) 285 370 345
Top Speed (mph) 155 155 163
Acceleration (as per 0-60 mph) 4s 3.7s 3s
Cost ($) 68, 750 78, 750 89, 750

Do it soon and get my key
You can look for me by surfing Tesla near me

That’s all about my interior, now bringing this to an end
You drive, enjoy, & love me; ’cause I’m the modern trend.

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