New Research on Traffic Suggests LA and NYC no longer the most congested cities in America

New Research on Traffic Suggests LA and NYC no longer the most congested cities in America

Fun Fact: An Average American spends about 97 hours of his life each year stuck in traffic

New Research on Traffic Suggests LA and NYC

Every Calendar year, a mobility data company known as Intrinx conducts a traffic congestion survey which covers six continents, 38 counties and around 200 cities. According to the latest survey conducted by Intrinx for the year 2018, LA and NYC are no longer the worst cities in the USA to drive a car, that crown has now been shifted to Boston.

The Rankings in these surveys are based counting in two factors: Hours and Money lost to traffic. Intrinx defines hours lost as hours lost in traffic during peak hours. For the year 2018, the data suggest that the 5 most congested cities in the United States of America are Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles. This new data goes against the general assumption of LA and NYC being the worst cities when it comes to traffic.

If we take a look at this new data, it suggests that the people in Boston lost about 164 hours this year due to congestion, while the people in Washington DC lost 155 hours, those in Chicago lost 138 hours, while drivers in NYC lost 133 hours and those in Los Angeles lost 129 hours to traffic. The national average for time lost in traffic for 2018 was 97 hours, while the lowest amount of time lost in the US was recorded in Wichita, Kan at just 22 hours. Overall an average American lost about $1,350 while being stuck in traffic all this time.

Although, it might seem like a really horrible thing which it actually is, as if you can consider this as some relief then you should know that traffic congestion is America is still better than many countries around the world. Judging by the hours lost to traffic, Bogota is the worst with drivers losing an average 272 hours to traffic followed by Rome and Dublin at 254 hours and 246 hours respectively. Compared to this, Boston at 164 hours ranks 26th in the world.

Based on the impact rating by the same company which measures the impact of traffic on the local population, Moscow, Istanbul and Bogota ranked the worst in 2018. The full graphic can be found on the website of the same company.

Traffic has been becoming a real problem for countries in both the developed and the developing world. Surprisingly enough, only recently has the problem of traffic become more relevant in the USA and it has been spreading rapidly in various cities. If you talk about blaming someone, then authorities as well as drivers both take the part responsibility of it. With driving behaviours of drivers deteriorating day by day, and infrastructure getting old and worn out more and more, it has become a challenge to both educate the population and maintain the infrastructure. We can always make tighter laws, but its always about the behaviour at the end of it.

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