Pros and Cons of FWD and RWD

Pros and Cons of FWD and RWD

You must be familiar with these words and heard a lot of time. Front-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive are two of the most common engine and transmission present in the vehicles. They both have their pros and cons as well.

Pros of Front-wheel Drive

  • Improved Traction: In the front-wheel-drive vehicles the weight of the engines sits above the front tires which maintain the firm grip on the road in an effective manner.
  • Best for winter trips: The pulling of a car from the snow when stuck is way easy with the front-wheel-drive vehicles in comparison with the RWD. In other words, FWD is more reliable in the journey.
  • All-wheel Drive: Front-drive cars have larger and powerful engines that tend to offer all-wheel drive as their standard or additional equipment.

Cons of Front-wheel Drive

  • Handling: One of the major disadvantages of FWD is their handling and the traction is high in the bad weather.
  • High Repairing Costs: At the time of driving fast, tires wear out due to the heavy front-loaded software which costs more at the time of repairing.
  • Less Towing capacity: FWD vehicles have lesser towing capacity in comparison with the RWD, 4WD/AWD.

Pros of Rear-wheel Drive

  • Fewer Maintenance Costs: RWD acquires less cost in terms of maintenance as there are not many parts present which requires lesser repairing.
  • High towing capacity: Towing large is easy as the wheels are located closer to the load which means steering is much easier as the back wheels provide more power and front wheels do the steering work.
  • Torque Steer: Unlike in FWD, you would not face the problem as these vehicles veer to the right or left during the time of acceleration.

Cons of Rear-wheel Drive

  • Tough handling: No doubt they are fun to drive but getting pro in that requires time.
  • Less Traction control: It makes the drive difficult in the wet and snow conditions. This disadvantage has been taken care of with advanced technology such as stability and traction control.
  • Less Spacious: It has less space as there is more space required for the transmission tunnel and driveshaft.

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