Dealer Leads: keeping you Ahead of the Pack since always

Dealer Leads: keeping you Ahead of the Pack since always
Dealer Leads: keeping you Ahead of the Pack since always

In super competitive business fields such as the automotive industry, it is really important to stay ahead of the pack and do something different than what everyone’s been doing. Although the idea of being out of the box is very attractive, not many are able to do it successfully by showing results. Our team at Dealer Leads are committed to keeping you ahead of the pack and our work is the testimony for that. You can refer to the testimonies or see our work by your own eyes, you’ll always agree that our method is really unique and effective.

To explain to you how we are able to do it so successfully, we outline some really unique and necessary things for you as a dealership that not many of our competitors do. These things may be really basic or something just out of this world, whatever they are, they are mentioned below.

1. We Use No Ads/No Forms Policy on our Websites

Classifieds websites generally use your inventory as a bait for the local consumers and stores and then bombard them with advertisement and numerous forms, this is essentially like you are paying for your inventory to be used against. We don’t believe in such petty things so we have a strict policy of no ads and no forms on our classifieds page. We only have backlinks that direct the leads to your dealership websites.

2. Infill Paid Search

We use paid search as a third mechanism to make our work more efficient. It may seem as threatening but don’t worry we don’t interfere with your PPC campaigns and nor do we compete them, we integrate both of our systems in the way that there is no competition but mutual sharing. The main purpose of using paid searches is to infill the existing gaps around your keywords and then set up a demo to see how it really works.

3. Precise Keywords

The beauty of our websites is that you’ll never see our websites on Google but when someone searches “find cars near me” on google, they’ll get a link to which is one of our classifieds sites. Now multiply that by nearly 3800 keywords and you’ll know the power of our network of websites.

4. We give you Market Exclusivity

We use all our resources, combine them with yours and then put them on the internet to compete with your competitors who become our targets. Your inventory and our resources are enough to win any fight, so it is advised that you contact our team before you become a target yourself.

5. Limited Slots available

Another part of our efficiency is our picky nature, we only pick 30-40% of the dealers in an area and location because that’s how many buyers there are going to be. So when our tools dominate the internet they are only promoting those 40% dealers in the metro area and if you are not amongst those, you can lose bigtime on some very important leads. Contact our team before our dealership search for your area is over.

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