Things We Learned about the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta GLI

Things We Learned about the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta GLI

One of the better yet surprising reveals of the Chicago Auto Show 2019 was the all-new 2019 Volkswagen Jetta GLI which has already been hailed to be better than the much loved Golf GTI, but it is a sedan and that was a hatchback. Equipped with the same engine at 2.0L Four Cylinder Turbo Charged 228 HP with a torque of 280 pounds-feet, the plus point is that it has got a mechanical limited slip differential and a multi-link rear suspension to boast about.

Naturally, after setting the stage high, we wanted to see more of this new Sedan from Volkswagen, so we chatted with the Volkswagen officials and they gave us an overview of the car. Below are the things that we learned about the all-new 2019 Jetta GLI.

1. The All new 2019 Volkswagen Jetta is more aerodynamic than the Golf GTI

Volkswagen Jetta

Although it might not come as a surprise to most people, the Volkswagen Jetta GLI is more aerodynamic than the Golf GTI. Adam Reinhardt, the VW marketing and sales executive for America was giving us the tour of the car and he said that if you want to set a speed record with a small Volkswagen Engine then this one is the car because sedans are always more aerodynamic than hatchbacks.

When asked about the fuel economy, he said that the company expects the fuel economy to be the same as the GTI or possibly a feather more for the GLI.

2. Jetta GLI is heavier than Golf GTI

While the 2019 Jetta GLI is more slippery than the Golf GTI, it’s a tad bit heavier as well. Reinhardt tells us that the all-new Jetta GLI is about 150-200 pounds heavier than the hatchback. This was a surprise for us as well because the weight difference between regular Golf and Jetta is around 50 pounds but the regular Jetta has a much simpler rear suspension as compared to this one which has heavier multi-link suspension, making it a possible reason for the increased weight.

3. Multi-Link Suspension doesn’t head with space

vw jetta

Asides from being lightweight and low-cost, carmakers use torsion beam suspension because it also frees up a lot of space at the back. While you might think that since Jetta was designed keeping in mind the torsion beam suspension, adding a multi-link setup would decrease the cabin and cargo space, but Reinhardt assures us that there is no difference whatsoever in the Cargo and Cabin space of Regular Jetta as well as Jetta GLI. Even the fuel tank is same and with that being said we know that this one’s got to have a range that is lesser than the Regular Jetta because with such specs difference that is got to happen.

4. Jetta GLI is expected to be better valued than Golf GTI

Volkswagen still hasn’t revealed the value and pricing of the all-new 2019 Jetta GLI but Reinhardt says that it is proposed to come in the same range of around $27000 to $28000 as the Golf GTI. Although he did mention that if you compare trim to trim then the GLI is better equipped than the GTI and that means whether GLI is a bit costlier or whether it’s a little bit costlier than GTI, it is better valued than Golf GTI.

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